Magic truffles Atlantis

Magic Truffles Atlantis

The Perfect First Timer’s Truffle

Take a trip through the hidden, underwater world of Atlantis with these magic truffles. With a strong visual effect, you’ll notice the world around you will begin to mold and blend into different objects. Colors and shapes will change. And, more importantly, your perspective will change. Dive into the deep end and discover the magic palaces of Atlantis with this 15 gram pack of magic mushrooms.

  • Stunning Visual Trip. This magic truffle offers surreal visions that can range from seeing various gods and elves to discovering the magic city of Atlantis itself.
  • High Quality for a Potent High. We worry about growing the strongest, high quality and natural truffles so you don’t have to. Safe, non-toxic and harmless.
  • Hangover-free Way of Getting High. Since our truffles are made naturally with no additives and funky chemicals, you won’t feel any negative effects after using it.
  • Balanced and Vivacious Sensations. Get ready to feel lifted to new heights with the Atlantis magic truffles. This is sure to be a unique high that’s not as strong as The Hollandia truffle, although very intense and visual.
  • Great Low Price. We never skimp on quality while keeping our prices low. Producing high quality truffles is a passion.

Discover your love of truffles today with the Atlantis truffle packet. This 15 gram pack is perfect for having a great trip or too. Order now! 


The active ingredient in magic truffles is psilocybin. Psilocybin is a triptamine similar in structure to our bodies, naturally produced neurotransmitter, DMT. There are no poisonous byproducts or metabolites created. Psilocybin is ridiculously non-toxic (so no hangover).


Truffles are sold fresh in a 15 grams vacuum packed quantity. So you need to keep them in the refrigerator until you use them.

A sclerotium is a living product. It might be possible that air (especially CO²) might be trapped in the package. This will make the sclerotia continue to grow and white "hairs" will appear on the outside of the truffles. This is the mycelium and shows the truffles are healthy. This is edible and doesn't affect the trip.

Magic Truffles Atlantis

Note! Start with a low dose (5 grams) of these magic truffles to check your sensitivity.

  • 2-3 grams for a light trip
  • 7 grams for a normal trip
  • 15 grams for a VERY strong trip
Psilocybine Magic Truffles Atlantis 15 grams


We have trip reports about these psilocybe and psilocybin containing truffles. Strong psychedelic experiences and inner visions are reported in: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada ,Denmark, England, France, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK, United Kingdom, United States, USA and Switzerland.


Avoid using when pregnant or nursing, when depressed, on medication or in combination with stimulants or alcohol. Also avoid driving motorized vehicles. Not suitable for under 18 years old. If it’s your first time on psilocybin it’s a good idea to have a friend with experience to be with you in case you feel nauseous or anxious. Do not repeat a trip for at least a week, not because it’s dangerous but because it’s a waste of money! The body rapidly builds up a tolerance for psilocybin so taking a fresh dose too soon after the last one will have almost or no effect at all.

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