What are Magic Truffles?

What are magic truffles?

Magic truffles, also called "Philosopher's stone" and Nuggets of Wisdom, are actually no truffles, but sclerotia of Psilocybe mushrooms.

Sclerotia are mycelium thickenings growing underground and are part of the fungus, just as the fruiting bodies (mushrooms) that appear above the ground. The so called magic truffles are fully valid carrier of the entheogenic molecules psilocybin and psilocin.

Magic truffles are not generally known by their generic name, but rather as Sclerotia Tampanensis, Sclerotia, Mexicana, Atlantis, Utopia and several others. Through the dedicated efforts of some fans over the years a small number of new breeds has been established, with most them originating in the Netherlands, such as Dynamite, Nirvana and Hollandia.

On the place where mushrooms grow there is a whole network of mycelium. This mycelium can be a mold with a snowy, stringy structure. Under the right conditions the mycelium will make the dishes grow. The mushrooms are actually the fruit of this mycelium. Some Magic Mush Room breeds produce within this mycelium Magic Truffles. All these Magic Truffles are a streamlined mass of hardened mycelium where the food and water becomes stored and will be used when growing conditions aren't optimal.

On our ground there are approximately 200 different kind of mushrooms that Just a handful of these shrooms are able to create the Magic Truffles.

After reaping, Magic Truffles comprise about 50%-70% water. Later Repairing the Magic Truffles you will only have roughly 30 percent to 50% of their weight reduction. This is different per breed along with how a truffles are consumed ( in comparisons: freshly harvested mushrooms exists out of 90% water).

Magic Truffles seem a bit like the "ordinary" truffle That's well Known at the culinary world. The flavor of all Magic Truffles is frequently portrayed like a Walnut flavor.


There is in fact no difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms. They are parts of one and the same organism. Sometimes it is said sclerotia contained a higher amount of active compounds than a fruiting body. Until today, this statement is scientifically not proven. Both contain the hallucinogenic molecules psilocybin, psilocin and baeocystin, both are absolutely effective.


Buy Magic truffles is based in the center of the Netherlands, far away from Amsterdam, and operates only in the legal boundaries of the narcotic law of The Netherlands. While the law regarding Magic Truffles, Magic Mushrooms and Grow Kits is clear, some questions may remain ...

It comes down to this:

- Mushrooms (fresh & dried!): Illegal
- Magic Truffles: Legal
- Mushrooms Grow Kits: Legal

After some occurrences with Magic Mushrooms in 2008 (especially in Amsterdam; we still suspect other drugs and/or alcohol have been involved in these - and alcohol is still perfectly legal to date) the government decided to ban and illegalize fresh mushrooms as well. But, let's call it a loophole, the law is very clear and only classifies the MUSHROOM as illegal, but the Magic Truffles are sclerotia and NOT mushrooms, thus the fresh truffles are absolutely legal. Grow Kits are neither sclerotia, nor mushrooms and hence are 100% legal as well.


The effect of the entheogenic combo psilocybin / psilocin / baeocystin / norbaeocystin sets in about 20 to 60 minutes after ingestion, sometimes first effects show up even after only 10 minutes. The psychedelic journey lasts between three and four, rarely five or even six hours, before it gradually subsides. The psilocybin experience is a very individual one and depends on many different factors. Firstly, the people themselves and in the way their body responds to the substances. Secondly, the external factors of dosage, set and setting. Magic truffles don't induce strong visionary experiences in lower doses, but joy, light optics, a sense of well-being and often increased creativity. But some people can't cope with low-threshold dosages and feel uncomfortable.

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