The Magic Truffles Guide

Each of our vacuum sealed fresh magic truffle package is 15 grams. 15 grams is a strong dosage, first timers take 5-8 grams. 

We recommend you consume magic truffles on an empty stomach. Chew your sclerotia very very well, this way all the active substances are absorbed by your body.

  • What are the effects of magic truffles?
    The most common side effects are Mental like: visual effects, psychological insight , Positive thinking. The Physical effects: Big pupils, Nausea, Stomach problems and Thirst. The psychedelic experience is only temporary and so are the effects. So don't panic if you feel a heightened sense of anxiety.
  • What is the difference between mushrooms & truffles? The psychedelic experience is the same in trip and intensity. They both come from the same organism, which is mycelium and both contain the active ingredient psilocybin. Simple said, mushrooms grow above the ground while truffles develop underground.
  • How much truffles do i take for a trip?
    For beginners, it is recommended to take only 5 grams! For a regular dose, 8-15 grams is suitable. Experienced users take 15-20 grams. Hardcore trippers take 35-45 grams for a top level experience. Keep in mind that these recommendations differ by user weight, dosage, environment, and truffle species.
  • What is the shelf life and storage of magic truffles? Unopened vacuum packages: -/+ 3 months in the fridge at 4° Celsius.  After opening: -/+ 3-4 weeks in the fridge at 4° Celsius. But the best thing is to use your truffles as soon as possible.
  • How often can i use magic truffles?
    You can use truffles as much as you like, but you will quickly realize that the effects are less intense. This is because your body quickly build a tolerance towards magic truffles which makes the effect less intense.  Take breaks of at least 3 weeks.
  • Are all magic truffle species the same in potency? The strength varies by specie and tolerance. Our online shop offers mild truffles like Pajaritos for a smooth experience for beginners. Our strongest truffles are for the real psychonauts. So read the description of all truffle species we have before you order them in our Amsterdam magic truffle shop.
Magic truffles Atlantis | 15 grams fresh sealed
Magic truffles Dynamite | 15 grams fresh sealed
Magic truffles Hollandia | 15 grams fresh sealed
Magic truffles Mexicana | 15 grams fresh sealed
Magic truffles Nirvana | 15 grams fresh sealed
Magic truffles Pajaritos | 15 grams fresh sealed
Magic truffles Tampanensis | 15 grams fresh sealed
Magic truffles Utopia | 15 grams fresh sealed

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